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It took me a few years to find this perfect working dog but finally I got HIM. Jam is my little mister perfect. He is very strange, sko autistic in daily life and INCREDIBLE worker. I cannot imagine better sport dog for me. He is 200% devoted to me and 'mission', he thinks, he doesn't overreacting, never has problem with any distractions, dog with awesome work ethic. Amazing mix of drive, stable mind, natural instinct and will-to-please at work. He is soft and sensitive to his handler, but independ and thinking by himself. Very reserved to stragers and pretty cool with other dogs. Loves any kind of activity I am offering- canicross, bikejoring, herding, frisbee, agility, obedience, nose work, hiking, swimming or even acting at movie sets and in TV. Just doesn't like mud and dirt :D




 ASCA&FCI Stud Dog

DoB: 17-09-2014

blue merle c/w brindle red factored


Dam: JJ Nikita OTDsdc

(WTCH Pincie Creek Cowboy Up x WTCH JJ Dolly)

53cm 20kg

HD A/A ED 0/0 OCD free

spin MRI clear (2022)

eyes clear yearly (till 01/2023)

HC|CMR1|DM|CEA|prcdPRA|Brachyurie free

M-Lokus: M/ma+ (263)

MDR +/+ by parentage

heart clear (EKG+ECHO)


exams&titles: BH, HWT, IHT1, STDs, PT1, SPTF EuCH'16



 Jamiro is  available for breeding 

only for high quality, sport or working,

health tested bitches.

Sorry but rather not for pure show line dogs.


What kind of dog is he?

Jamiro was a strange, slightly autistic dog from the very beginning. He was an adult at 10 weeks. On the one hand, serious and smart, on the other, funny goofy sonnyboy.

I am the center of his being. He does everything he can to make me happy. He has a morbid will-to-please level, sometimes trying too hard to please me. His life mission is to make me proud and happy. Which is beneficial with his incredibly strong drives, but can also be a bit annoying 😉

Without me, the world might not exist for him. He is not very social neither with people nor with dogs. He could do without social relations altogether. He uses CS very well, does not impose himself, avoids conflicts, but at the same time he is a male with balls who has his pride - but he never ever uses his teeth (so I often have to defend him when other males attack him) .

In relation to strangers, he is distrustful, has a strong guardian instinct, he simply does not like strangers. He can grip if a stranger enters his territory (but doesn’t bite), and at the same time he is a dog who for several years went to work with me every day and lived in the largest city in the country, moving around without a leash and simply ignoring strangers and dogs, never used agression at the vet etc. He's just a dog who lives in his bubble.

He loves to work, lives to work, works to live. He always needs to be on a mission, he has huge toy and herding drive that he needs to satisfy. That's why he loves walks with the ball in his mouth, training of all kinds, he is extremely intense in them. He's the kind of dog who, when he does, can't do it half-heartedly. 

When he was younger, we regularly trained herding, where he showed amazing abilities. He used his eye, he walked distance, but he also liked to do heel-grips. He endured tremendous pressure in training and never refused to work. A dog with a huge work ethic.

In frisbee he is incredible and everyone knows him for that. Very wise, effective, engaged dog, who has also physicall abilities to win. There is a reason for dozen of his Dogfrisbee Champion titles.

He is a typical introvert. He sees a LOT around - he sees shadows, he sees lights, he doesn't miss anything - but he doesn't react to it, he just "saves into the system". He accumulates tension, which he then releases during training. This is the type of dog that does not run on its own unless there is a specific goal in mind. He doesn't play with dogs outside of Churro, ignores the world around him.

He has two faces - he seems to strangers an inaccessible, gloomy asshole. Loved ones know his charming, wild, farting side of “sonnyboy”, who does not know what to do with himself for joy as soon as his mother looks at him with a smile.

He is a unique dog whom I loved totally. Sometimes I feel like strangling him, he tries harder than I ask him to and he gets so upset and emotional that something has gone wrong. But how pathologically, toxically he does everything to make me love him ... You only have such a dog once in your life. And that's Jamiro.




ASCA Trial 07-2015 sheep 2xQ&Most Promising Started

DogGames Fall 2015 TimeTrial Parallel 1.

Rally-O 10-2015 class 1 210/210pts 4./30

Obedience class 0 04-2016 excellent 2./6

DogGames Spring 2016 TimeTrial Classic 1./31, TTParallel 1.

DogUp! Poznań 05-2016 ThrowNGo 1./56 WORLD RECORD, FarOut 2./16

06-2016 FCI exam BH excellent 1./3

ASCA trial 07-2016 Started sheep 2xQ 2./7, closed STDs title

FCI trial 07-2016 HWT 2., IHT1 excellent 3./13

FunFactoryForFrisbee 08-2016 Super-Pro Toss&Fetch 1./65

DogUp! Warszawa 09-2016 ThrowNGo Master

European Dogfrisbee Championship 2016


DogGames Fall 2016 TimeTrial Classic 1./37, Frizgility 3./44,

___Polish Vice Champion of Longdistance Men 2016

Dog Games Summer 2017 Time Trial 2./37, Time Triall Parallel 2.,

              Super Pro Toss&Fetch 1./27

European Dogfrisbee Championship 2017

2nd Vice Champion of Quadruped Man&TOP10 Fresstyle Open

Championships of Czech Republic Last Chance '17 1.&3./27 SPTF

 Championships of Czech Republic 2017

2./31 Super Pro Toss&Fetch 

Dog Games Fall 2017 1. Time Trial Parallel, 3./43 Frizgility

Dog Games Summer 2018 1./29 Throw'N'Go

European Dogfrisbee Championship 2018 7./195 SPTF Q

Championships of Czech Republic Last Chance '18 1./20 SPTF

Bye Bye Summer '18 Time Trial Parallel 3./20

FCI exam PT1 11/2018- exc note, 194/200pts, 1st place

16-17/03/2019 Aequinoctum Trial, Farm I Cs+Ts 3./13

Dog Games Spring 2019 ThrowNGo lvl2 1./23

UFO Polish Championship '19 TimeTrial 2.,  Toss&Catch 3./28

Dog Games Summer 2019 SPTF 3./37, TimeWarp 1./49

UpDog Polish Championship '19 Vce Champion ThrowNGo

Czech Rep. Championship 2019- Last Chance: 2. Super Open,

          1. Super Pro Toss&Fetch; Champ.: Top10 Super Open

ByeBye Summer '19 T&F Q, TimeTrial 1. 15,8 sec., TT Par. 3.

Dog Games Spring 2020 SPTF 1./42, TimeWarp2 3.

Dog Games Summer 2020 SPTF 1./44, TimeTrial Par. 2.

Polish UpDog Championship 2020 II Vce Champion ThrowNGo

Czech Rep. Championship '20 II Vce Ch. Quadruped Women

Dog Games Fall 2020 SPTF 3.

Dog Games Spring 2021 SPTF 3./59

Polish USDDN Championship 2021 - VCE CHAMPION SUPER OPEN

Poznań UpDog 2021 - 2./36 Far Out Women

Riga LV USDDN Qualifier 2021 - 1. SPTF, 1. Bullseye

Warsaw UpDog 2021 - 2. TnG2

XVI Open Czech Championship 2022 Champion in Super Pro

ByeBye Summer 2022 1. Super Pro Toss&Fetch

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